I must share an incident that I took part in. In 2000 I was in Cannes, France eating alone in a Chinese restaurant.
First I was surprised to see the dog sitting by his very courteous owners. I was taken to my seat that gave me a great view of the sea. A lovely couple with a pretty little girl sat through my view. The little girl kept repeating saying ‘chocolait’ as she stared at me.
Her parent recognizing we had a language clash; her mother try to quiet the tyke. The mother put her finger over her closed lips as she shook her head as to gesture an embarrassing ‘no’
Both parent appeared apologetic. The father kept smiling and shaking his as to say no. Yet the little girl about 3 years of age continued to say ‘chocolait’. Being the only black patron in the restaurant; I think the parents assumed I was offended that their daughter was referring to my skin color as chocolate. Since the child kept looking at me.
All of a sudden the blond bubbling child was repeating ‘chocolait’ more often and louder.
To my surprise my seat is a straight line to the kitchen. Out came the waiter with a nice bowl of chocolate pudding for the little girl. All the parents and myself could do was smile at each other. Exercising the brain by jumping to conclusions is not always necessary. So check what is facts before acting. I am glad for that opportunity to see a pretty girl get loudly excited about her dessert.