I am going to be a satirist on this one. Is America ready to welcome Syrians that wants to flee for their lives? We are globally shouting about striking Syria. The media keeps us on top of the subject. How far will we go? Strike them then give refugee status to those Syrians that sided with us.
What can we offer? Food stamps, free healthcare, subsidized housing, small business grants, free education, transportation.
You know those things that us who came here as immigrants and wash the dishes, clean the bathroom. Humble servants. Those of us that worked our tail off and when we ask for assistance;
the quick answer is a blatant ‘NO’. Unless you can provide information that includes your last latrine experience.
You are sure to look at whom we put in office. If you are not sure where we as individuals, stand politically. Here is a suggestion. Head to your closest welfare office. Count how many people that cannot vote, but they are providing documents for at least six in their household. Guess what; it will be young women with five to eight kids. Yes she will have Social security and school documents for each child. Plus this parent is unemployed.
Immigration Reform; are you joking? America does a little to nothing for hardworking citizens. But will handout every free living needs to those that English is not their first language.
Plan a day trip to the welfare office and count the applicants that are carrying COACH, LVX handbags.
Same day go to the local supermarket. You will find that missing man. You know; the one that was absent with the lady in the welfare office with the six kids.
Sometimes two shopping carts filled to the brim. Paying with food stamps that I worked my ass off to provide for other.
My suggestion for Immigration Reform, closed the point of entry for one full calendar year. Then let us examine the results.