I feel compelled to continue to blog on this subject. Wrong is wrong. Christopher Lane came to USA as a student from Australia. I take his brutal death totally in two ways.
I personally alone toured a greater part of Australia for two months. Not once did I feel unsafe. I would be out at 3:00am, no one bothered me. I felt so secure with these wonderful people that I met and interacted with.
I toured all the major cities on the easy coast. From Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane plus I has a rental car that I drove from Gold Coast to Cairns. Purpose to achieve a lifelong dream to dive the Great Barrier Reef. I totally enjoyed I trip especially taking underwater pictures of the GBR. (Just liked Christopher Lane came to USA to pursue his educational goal.)
Everyone was nice and super polite. Oh yes; I did not say. I am a black female well over 50.
What a slap in the face. Eight weeks in Australia, warm welcome and wonderfully treated.
Sorry Christopher Lane hit the worst set in the American culture. Unstructured youths that was out on the hunt in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma has so many hunting laws. Those three could have find other (games) to hunt. Well they might no be at the legal age to get a hunting license; but My Lord they were found with arsenals. Is this true? They decided to take a life.
These Bullies need whatever our Laws dictates.