There is always unsaid tension in racist legal matters. That is in totality was the Zimmerman case is about.
His dad is a judge. He was bored. He felt to connect with or disconnect from a young UNHARMED black male. Maybe he is gay and was trying to get the courage to seduce the UNHARMED child. He has legal angles. He has a legal edge. He wanted to try out his new gun. He was ready to rumble; after all daddy is a judge. A young black boy KILLED by a judges son.
Thank God for the media. Our daily reminders of this travesty is always interesting. Your mind gets involved. Not me!!
My sincere hope is that when Zimmerman is found guilty by a fair and just jury; his dad the JUDGE will spend NERVOUS visiting hours at the prison of FEAR.
Zimmerman should be housed with a fraternity of HUGE BLACK MURDERERS. He will be partying, smiling, dating even marrying the New BLACK LOVE OF HIS LIFE.
That will be a great wedding. Maybe Zimmerman dad; the judge can officiate the ceremony.